Announcing: Steering Committee Nominations Due June 21

The West Big Data Innovation Hub (WBDIH) Leadership Team is excited to announce that we are soliciting nominations to serve on the first WBDIH Steering Committee!

We are seeking a results-driven team to collectively represent a diversity of expertise and experience to move WBDIH forward. Candidates should have a track record of leadership in areas such as: data science, public-private partnerships, strategic planning and management, fundraising, and entrepreneurship. WBDIH was one of four regional hubs launched in November 2015 with seed funding from the National Science Foundation. The hub aims to build and strengthen partnerships across industry, academia, nonprofits, and government to address societal challenges through big data innovation. Our thematic areas convene stakeholders eager to accelerate progress in applications (Metro Data Science, Precision Medicine, and Natural Resource Management/Hazards) and promote collaboration around cross-cutting topics (Big Data Technology and Data-Enabled Scientific Discovery and Learning).

The Steering Committee will be tasked with:

  • Engaging a diverse community of data scientists and advocates across all West Region states (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming)
  • Serving as hub ambassadors to strengthen the hub’s network of sponsors, collaborators, and active members
  • Formalizing WBDIH Governance – Supporting the Leadership Team in drafting bylaws, policies, processes, and guidelines
  • Collaborating with the Leadership Team on topics including industry partnerships and region-specific initiatives as well as the WBDIH vision and direction

Logistics and Time Commitments:

  • The Steering Committee will meet in person once per year, during the annual All-Hands Meeting
  • There will be approximately 5 virtual meetings per year, with the possibility of supplemental email conversations or phone calls as needed for urgent decisions
  • It is not yet determined if WBDIH will be able to cover travel costs for Steering Committee members to attend meetings
  • Terms of service for members of the initial Steering Committee will be one year


  • June 21 Deadline for submitting nominations:
  • June 28 Voting opens for two weeks: one vote per person residing in the West Hub 13 states, via
  • July 12 Voting closes
  • Late July Election results announced
  • August 1 Elected Steering Committee members begin 1-year terms

Nomination Process:

Self-nominations and nominations of others are encouraged by June 21 through THIS FORM. If nominating someone else, please confirm her/his interest in serving if elected. You will be asked to provide contact info for the nominee as well as a brief background on their relevant experience and skills. The WBDIH Leadership Team will review all nominees from June 21-27 for conflicts of interest and appropriate diversity across sectors, states, and disciplines before being presented to the WBDIH community for election on June 28.   Please share this announcement with your network and save the dates for voting: June 28 – July 12 at!   Sincerely, Meredith  Meredith M. Lee, Ph.D. | Executive Director, West Big Data Innovation Hub |   Erin  Erin Robinson | Chair, WBDIH Governance Working Group | Executive Director, ESIP Federation |