Nick Baguley

Nick Baguley is a well-known Community Leader in the technology space in the West. His connections in Data Science and Big Data spread around the world. As one of the earliest co-founders of a HUG (Hadoop User’s Group) in the United States and as an entrepreneur, Nick has been able to influence and help create the rising wave of Big Data and Analytics in Utah. He has been heavily involved in the Big Data Hubs and the National Data Science Organizers (NDSO) group from the White House. Through Big Data Utah and Utah Geek Events, he has created and co-organized many large conferences and competitions. He is now creating an International STEAM Innovation District that will help lead smart cities and data initiatives. Nick has acted as an advisor to Universities, Non-Profits, Corporations, Startups, and Individuals for years. This has allowed Nick to impact curriculum, strategic directions for companies, hiring decisions, career advancements and to build communities.

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